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Tuesday's Child equips families with the skills to manage children's challenging behavior.

Let Tuesday's Child help you and your family with new challenges or simply stay in touch with our family. Our alumni services can help you continue to set your child up for success.
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Welcome back! We love to hear from past Tuesday’s Child families – about your successes and challenges and see if we can help. We know that your job as parents is never over and we are all learning new things along the way. We also know that journey can be difficult and everyone needs support. We hope we can provide it! We offer several continuing support services for our alumni including:

Become A Trainer – Contact JoAnne Loper today at (773) 423-5055 to speak with her about volunteering at Tuesday’s Child to train new families, continue your development as a positive parent and help others in need!

Classroom Intervention – Provide your child with continued behavioral support in Tuesday’s Child classrooms. We will continue to reinforce the same behavioral strategies you are implementing at home while still focusing on children’s social/emotional development, time on task and compliance.

School Advocacy – Have Tuesday’s Child help train you to advocate for your child through the IEP process, provide classroom observations at your child’s school and ensure appropriate accommodations are put in place for your child to succeed.

Behavioral Summer Camp – Set your child up for academic success with a behavioral summer camp boost at Tuesday’s Child. Our full-time camp includes daily visits to the park, fun activities and weekly field trips throughout Chicagoland!
Workshops – We offer a variety of workshops, refresher courses and more for prospective and alumni families!

Friendship Club – Your child can join other 7-8 year olds in developing social skills and improving peer interactions in a fun, 10 week group!

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Contact us today if there is every anything else you need. We are always excited to hear from our alumni and wish to offer you any support you may need!