“My name is Sue DeHaan, mother of five-year-old Joey who also has an Asperser’s diagnosis.I know from an early age that Joey was different from his peers yet I had difficulty explaining how to others. Whenever I tried to explain how I was suffering as a mother, it sounded like I was a wimp unable to handle the challenges of raising an active child.

In February 2009, I discovered Tuesday’s Child and it changed our lives. I felt heard when I explained my challenges. Listening to stories of others involved in my parent program I knew I wasn’t alone or exaggerating my experiences. Better yet, they were here to help me!

Prior to 2009, friends and relatives would tell me what a special, precocious, loving child Joey was. Intellectually I concurred, but my inner thoughts were far from in agreement. Thanks to Tuesday’s Child, the warm and loving environment in which Joey and I experienced behavior shifts, we have a growing, loving relationship. Now I am the one telling others what a special, precocious, loving child Joey is and my head and heart are in total agreement.”

-Sue DeHaan


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The DeHaan Family