A bilingual home-based program that encourages appropriate child development.

Tuesday’s Child offers free bilingual home-based child development services to teenage mothers and low-income families with children 36 months or younger. This program is designed to help prevent academic failure by preparing young children to be ready to learn.

During bi-weekly visits, our child behavior expert guides the parent and child through activities that foster appropriate child development. These free services are available free to qualifying low-income families and teenage mothers.

Services for children include:
– Developmentally appropriate activities
– Encourage social-emotional development
– Develop school readiness skills
– Monitor developmental milestones
– Assist with school placement
– Early Intervention

Services for caregivers include:
– In-home caregiver-child activities
– Monthly parenting group at Tuesday’s Child
– Help families connect with additional resources, such as financial assistance, ESL classes, child care, health insurance, etc.

Registration Information
For more information or to enroll in the program, please call Shantal at (773) 573-6936.

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