Children with behavior issues often lack critical social skills and miss important social cues. Friendship Club for children ages 6 to 8 can help. Our child behavior experts guide kids through fun activities to help them explore emotions, friendships, and expected behaviors. This group incorporates aspects of multiple social emotional curriculums, including In FocusSuperFlex, and The Zones of Regulation  and activities focus on helping children interact appropriately with peers. Our goal is to teach your child to make a friend, keep a friend, and be a good friend to themselves. 

Concepts covered in the curriculum:

  • Social Smarts: The type of “smarts” in our brains that we use whenever we are around other people. Social smarts help our brain to know that others are having thoughts about us and we are having thoughts about them. We use social smarts in school, at home, and EVERYWHERE
  • School Smarts: Different types of “smarts” in our brain that we use for school learning.
  • Body in the group: Your body is in the group if you are following the group plan..
  • Brain in the group: Your brain is in the group when you are paying attention to what is happening in the group.
  • Thinking with your eyes: This means that you are using your eyes to look at a person and it makes them feel that you are thinking about what they are saying or doing.
  • Sense of Self: How we view ourselves and our strengths!

Our team is happy to coordinate with parents, teachers, or outside providers after your child’s group to update on your child’s progress and their program goals! 


Times and Pricing
Tuesday’s Child will be running the following sessions for Friendship Club:

  • Thursdays
  • 4:15pm – 5:30pm

 Please check back for future sessions!

$600 per child for full program

To Register for the 6-8 year old group, complete the following  Friendship Club Enrollment Request or  reach out to our office at

This program is in person and will require that all participants are masked and following the latest COVD19 precautions. A COVID19 Health and Safety waiver will be required from all families for your child to participate.