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What does it cost?
The 8 or 10 week Behavioral Intervention program includes 20 hours of parent and child training per month over three months. As a nonprofit organization, we are determined to provide all families in need with access to our evidence-based programs, regardless of financial resources. Through our scholarship fund, families can access our services based on a sliding fee scale. Some health insurance policies may cover all or part of the cost. If your family needs our services, we will work with you to make them affordable. Talk to us.

How do we get started?
If you struggle with a challenging child age six or younger, contact us online or call us at (773) 573-6936. A child behavior expert will review your information and call you within two business days (Tuesday’s Child is not open on Mondays). During your confidential call, our expert will help determine if our program can help with your current situation and recommend next steps.

What happens at intake?
If you agree to move forward with the process, we’ll schedule your intake appointment, which will take approximately 45-60 minutes. Our staff will observe your child in a behaviorally focused classroom and speak with you individually. There is a $60 fee for the intake appointment. If you choose to enroll, this amount will be credited to you on your first program invoice.

What is the program availability?
After the intake, if you and our experts agree that our Behavioral Intervention program matches your needs, we’ll schedule a start date. All start dates are based on availability. We have five Behavioral Intervention sessions a week, including Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. We also offer a class on Tuesday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Typically, you can start a weekday session immediately. However, Saturday programs have defined start/stop dates. (Refer TO Saturday Group Start Dates) The more flexibility you have, the greater the likelihood of starting sooner!

What Services Will My Family Receive?
A typical weekday family will receive the following services in the Behavioral Intervention program.
Please note that the Saturday program is different.

For Parents: Behavioral Training
• A customized goal plan developed along with a peer mentor to put Tuesday’s Child techniques into practice in your home.
• 8 or 10 sessions of individualized peer mentoring lasting 1.5 hours each.
• 8 or 10 group discussions led by a Doctorate level Clinical Psychologist and Parenting Expert for 1 hour each.
• Two private meetings with your child’s Lead Teacher and a Clinical Psychologist to discuss your child’s progress in our classroom and receive additional recommendations or referrals based on your family and child’s needs.
• Group discussion and support from peers with similar experiences.
• A take-home binder with all of the relevant readings and group notes from your program.

For Children Six and Younger: Classroom Intervention
• A customized goal plan for your child during his or her time in our Behavioral Classrooms.
• A weekly Classroom Progress Checklist tracked by our child behavioral experts to evaluate progress and ensure success of your child’s goal plan and overall goals.
• 8 or 10 sessions of behavioral classroom intervention for your child lasting 2.5 hours each. Experts will focus on your child’s time on task, socialization, compliance and participation. We maintain low teacher-child ratios to support your child (5-1 in Big Kids, 3-1 in Little Kids).
•  Observations of your child in our classroom by our Clinical Psychologist to review progress and ensure proper development.
• A developmental screening for children three years and older or an “Ages and Stages” screening for children younger than three years.
• Additional screening opportunities based on your child’s individual needs (e.g. sensory processing screening) at no additional cost.

How much time is required?
The Behavioral Intervention program is a serious time commitment for families. This intensive 12-week program requires you and your child to be on-site for 2.5 hours each week. Parents will also have “homework” assignments to complete between sessions.

Will my child outgrow these behavioral challenges?
It is possible your child will outgrow these behavioral issues. Taking the “wait and see” approach, however, can place your child’s future at risk. Studies show that 50% of young children who exhibit behavioral problems early continue to exhibit them four years later. Our Behavioral Intervention program provides a proactive solution that will:
• Equip you and your child with the tools necessary to manage your child’s challenging behavior in the interim.
• Prepare your family for long-term success in the event your child does not outgrow his or her behavioral problems.

Will my child be diagnosed or labeled for coming through the program?
No. Tuesday’s Child does not diagnose children, but we do screen every child to determine the potential cause or reason for his or her challenging behavior. During the program, our staff will make appropriate referrals and provide our clinical insights into your child’s behavior. This helps to ensure that your child is set up for success and can enter school ready to learn.

Do you share that my child completed this program with other organizations?
Tuesday’s Child is a standalone nonprofit organization and all of our files are confidential. We only share information with organizations or providers with whom you have authorized us to communicate. No information about you or your child is ever shared without your written consent.

The Williams FamilyAlumni Success Story

“His teachers didn’t understand what was going on with Kenny. Tuesday’s Child helped us communicate… Now, he’s able to use his words instead of his hands, to express his feelings instead of lashing out and throwing a tantrum.”

– Wendy Williams

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