Behavior Management Experts

Beverly A. Echols, EdD
Executive Director
Dr. Echols’ joined Tuesday’s Child in 2021 with a depth of experience to incorporate into Tuesday’s Child’s mission and vision. With more than 25 years of teaching and administrative experience, Dr. Echols’ areas of expertise include: urban diversity, diverse learners with a focus on autism, professional development, and academic excellence. Beverly realized that to educate our students successfully, it was essential to first address their social and emotional needs. Prior to Tuesday’s Child, Beverly served as Executive Director of Early Learning Innovation at the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago. Before that, she was the Principal of Lighthouse Academies Charter School. Beverly’s educational background includes a Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership, from Nova Southeastern University; a Masters of Science, Early Childhood Education, Grambling State University; and a Bachelor of Science, Social Work and Child Welfare, George Williams College of Aurora University.

rarendRich Arend, Ph.D
Clinical Child Psychologist
Richard A. Arend, Ph.D., is a clinical child psychologist who began at Tuesday’s Child in 1987. Dr. Arend supports our Behavioral Intervention services on Saturdays. Dr. Arend obtained his doctorate at the University of Minnesota, Institute of Child Development, where he did ground breaking research on the mother-infant attachment relationship and how it relates to children’s later competence. He has clinical experience in individual and family psychotherapy, consultation to schools, crisis intervention, and parent education.

Dr. Genevieve Nehrt, Psy.D.
Staff Psychologist
Dr. Gen graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University with a degree in Neuropsychology before attending the Adler School of Professional Psychology. She graduated from Adler with both her Master’s in Counseling with a specialty in Group Therapy and her Doctorate with a specialty in Child & Adolescent Therapy and Marriage & Family Therapy. Dr. Nehrt also has a certificate in Substance Abuse Treatment. Her training has included working in therapeutic day schools, community mental health, substance abuse programs, and psychiatric hospitals for children. Within her work, Dr. Nehrt works consistently with families to help with improving communication, parenting, and emotion regulation skills.

Dr. Connie Weil, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Weil is a licensed clinical psychologist who obtained her doctorate degree from Michigan State University with a specialty in child and family psychology. She has extensive experience in cognitive, behavioral, and emotional assessment of children and in individual and family psychotherapy. Dr. Weil joined the Tuesday’s Child program after spending much of her career at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. While at Lurie Children’s Hospital, Dr. Weil specialized in the evaluation and treatment of families and young children with a variety of concerns, including children with both internalizing and externalizing mood and behavioral concerns, children with severe food allergies and other chronic medical concerns, and children who graduated from the NICU. This work has also included consultation with schools and other community groups in the Chicago area.

Jo Anne Loper
Director of Parent Education
Jo Anne Loper has been actively involved in Tuesday’s Child for over twenty years.  As the Director of Parent Education, she coordinates the activities of Tuesday’s Child onsite and offsite bilingual parenting and staff training programs. She presents workshops and trainings to parent groups, community agencies and schools throughout the Chicagoland area. Her 20+ years of active engagement in the parenting program, initially as a participant, along with parenting four sons, has provided her with the insight and understanding of the day-to-day development of the child within the family and the surrounding community.

Gary KoenigGary Koenig
Development Director
Gary has been in Development for the last 30+ years. Being the Director of Development at various social service organizations, he has raised funds specifically for children’s causes. Gary is responsible for the fundraising efforts at Tuesday’s Child concentrating on Donor Relationship Building as well as Foundation and Corporate Relations.

Rachel Surprenant, LCSW
Program Director
Rachel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who earned her Master’s in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago, specializing in Mental Health working with Children & Families. Through this degree, Rachel completed two clinical internships, first working as a Community Support Specialist for Thresholds, and second as a Primary Therapist at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital in their Partial Hospitalization Program. Rachel also worked for Lurie Children’s as a Behavioral Therapist for 5 years on their inpatient unit, PHP program, and in outpatient groups before accepting this position as Program Director for Tuesday’s Child.

Juanita Tullis
Curriculum Coordinator/ Parent Liaison
Juanita came to Tuesday’s Child in 1985 as a parent participant with her three children. After completing the program, Juanita volunteered for Tuesday’s Child and was shortly after hired to work in our classrooms. After completing her degree in Early Childhood, she became the Curriculum Coordinator – designing and implementing Child Center activities, screenings and supporting individual learning styles. She works directly with our “Big Kids” classroom – working with children ages 4-6.

Fran Smith
Fran holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois – Chicago and has continued her professional development in special education from Northeastern Illinois University. She spent 2 years in the Peace Corps in an Infant Survival Program and also worked in the Chicago Public Schools as a special education assistant. Fran has been involved with Tuesday’s Child since 1982. Fran originally came as a community volunteer and with time she became a member of the teaching staff. 

Amanda Scott
TC Scholars Lead Teacher
Amanda came through Tuesday’s Child as a difficult child over 25 years ago. As she became older, Amanda began volunteering in the classroom and then joined the staff in 2007 as a Classroom Teacher. She is now the Lead Teacher at TC Scholars and Tuesdays Child summer camp. Amanda is currently pursuing a degree in early childhood education and brings her unique behavioral perspective to her academic lessons. She is a proud mother of three and believes that working at Tuesday’s Child has made her a better parent.

Jasmina Ejupovic
TC Scholars Social Worker
Jasmina joined Tuesday’s Child as an intern and has since been a member of our team in many classrooms, including a regular in our summer camp program. Jasmina has recently attained her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois Chicago, and we are so excited for her to bring her behavior management skills and thoughtful social emotional curriculum to our preschool program!


Kristina Zatvornitsky
Social Worker
Kristy began working at Tuesday’s Child as an intern in 2014 while obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In June of 2017, Kristy attained her Master’s degree (equivalent to an MSW) from the University of Chicago – School of Social Service Administration with a concentration in School Social Work. Kristy currently holds a Professional Educator License with an endorsement in School Social Work. In her years at Tuesday’s Child, she has worked as a behavior interventionist in the Behavioral Intervention program and Summer Camp program, as the Social-Emotional Facilitator of Friendship Club, and as the Preschool Social Worker in TC Scholars. Kristy is dedicated to providing the foundation for safe and positive learning to enhance students’ ability to succeed in and out of school.

Shantal Saldana
Prevention Initiative Home Visiting Program Manager 
Shantal began volunteering at Tuesday’s Child while she was an undergrad at Northeastern Illinois University. There she received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She began working at Tuesday’s Child July 2013. She provides bilingual services to families in Chicago. Shantal is passionate about child development and working close with the community.

Paulina Razo
Prevention Initiative Home Visitor
Paulina came to Tuesday’s Child in September 2018. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Northeastern Illinois University where she studied Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Child Studies. Paulina is a parent educator scheduling home visits to help parents strengthen their parenting techniques and child development. Using learning through play, Paulina guides children towards social and cognitive skills and to gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experience and environment.

Jessica Adamusik
Behavior Intervention Teacher Assistant
Jessica began her path at Tuesday’s Child as an intern in the Fall of 2019. She returned as a full time summer camp staff in 2020 and was recently promoted to the position of full-time teacher’s assistant in our Behavioral Intervention Program. Her future plans are to pursue art therapy and occupational therapy with children ages 2-4.


Rosann Mazzanti
Parent Trainer


Gigi Granato
Office Administrator/Bookkeeper


Our Interns 

April Witte – Undergraduate Intern 

School: University of Illinois at Chicago  

Major/Degree: Psychology

April is a new intern starting in August 2021.  She will be helping out in both TC Scholars and the Saturday’s behavior intervention classroom.  Her future plans include being a social worker and to finish her Masters.  April is from Chicago and has six siblings. She loves to work out and read books. April loves to babysit her niece and nephews and teach them new things.  A few of April’s favorite things include; the colors pink and blue, chocolate, pasta and pizza, dogs, cats and penguins.  April likes to watch Harry Potter films, the Twilight saga and Spiderman. As a child April enjoyed playing with Barbies and Bratz dolls.  Welcome to the team April.

Jackie Bautista – Undergraduate Intern 

School: University of Illinois at Chicago  

Major/Degree: Human Development

Jackie is a new intern who will join us in the Fall of 2021.  She will be helping out in the Behavioral Intervention classrooms on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Jackie is from Mexico and has one younger sister. Her future goal is to be a social worker for children and families.  Jackie loves watching the kids she works with grow and learn new things everyday. She loves to run and read during her free time.  A few of Jackie’s favorite things include; the color purple, kinder candy, Wings to eat and cats.  She likes watching The Notebook, and to read TheAbsolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian. As a child Jackie played with Bratz dolls, and HSM dolls.  She would like us to know that She is a big Fan of Stranger Things, has a sweet tooth and is looking for recommendations for books to read.  Welcome to the team Jackie!

Audrey Wiesner – Undergraduate Intern 

School: Loyola University Chicago  

Major/Degree: Psychology and Social Work

Audrey is a new intern who will join us in the fall of 2021.  She will be helping out in the TC Scholars classroom on Wednesdays and Behavior Intervention room on Saturday’s.  Audrey’s future goals are to be a children’s mental health counselor or in a related field. Audrey is from Minneapolis, Monesotta, and has a younger brother.  A few of Audrey’s hobbies include reading, drawing, cooking and spending time outside.  A few of Audrey’s favorite things include; the color green, starburst candy, sushi and sloths.  She likes to watch Ratatouille, and the book Staying at Daisy’s by Jill Mansell.  Audrey’s favorite experience with kids is during her time as a camp counselor she loved watching the children use their imaginations and creativity to create art was so rewarding and she loved being able to help them express themselves!  Welcome to the team Audrey!

Lauren Dimayuga – Undergraduate Intern 

School: University of Illinois Chicago 

Major/Degree: Rehabilitation Sciences and Disability and Human Development

Lauren is a new intern who will join us in the fall of 2021.  She will be helping out in the TC Scholars on Fridays and the behavioral Intervention room on Saturdays. Laurens future goals are to Attend Post-Grad and become a Pediatric Occupational Therapist.  Lauren is from Hanover Park and has two brothers.  A few of Lauren’s hobbies include Volleyball, dancing, singing, painting and drawing.  Her favorite experience with kids is watching them grow and learn. She loved having dance pirates, and doing crafts with the kids. A few of Lauren’s favorite things include; the color Blue, Kit Kats or Albanese Gummy Bears, Chicken Wings, Dogs and Pandas.  She enjoys the movie Tangled, and her favorite book series is Percy Jacksin and the Olympians.  As a child she enjoyed playing with stuffed animals.  Lauren would like us to know that she is allergic to cats.  Welcome to the team Lauren!!

Jessica Deering – Undergraduate Intern 

School: Loyola University Chicago 

Major/Degree: Psychology and a minor in Women and Gender Studies

Jessica is a new intern who will join us in the fall of 2021.  She will be helping out in the Behavioral Intervention room.  Jessica’s future goal is to obtain a masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  Jessica is from Elk Grove Village and has an older brother and younger sister.  A few of Jessica’s hobbies include Pilates, paddle boarding, reading and cooking.  One of her favorite experiences with kids is when she was a swim instructor, she was able to build connections with the same children and got to see them develop not only as swimmers but also as people.  A few of Jessica’s favorite things include; the color green, Laffy taffy, any type of pasta and cats.  Her favorite movie THe Chronicles of Narnia and her favorite book is Crying in H Mart by Mischelle Zauner or Circe by Madeline Miller.  As a child Jessica enjoyed playing with Skip-it, a doodle bear and polly pockets. Jessica would like us to know that she is always looking for new recipes to try, and new books to read.  She would love some recommendations.  Welcome to Jessica!!

Angel Kellark – Graduate Social Work Intern 

School: Loyola University Chicago 

Major/Degree: Social work and minor in Sociology

Angel is a new intern who will join us in the fall of 2021.  She will be helping out in the TC Scholars classroom, and the Behavioral Intervention room.  Angel’s goal is to complete her masters degree in Social work and work with the youth of the world. Angel is from Macomb, Michigan and has four siblings, one younger and three older. In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching movies.  A few favorites of Angel include the color purple, peanut M&M’s, Monkeys eating Lobster. She likes the movie The Martian, and the book Graceling by Kristen Cashore.  As a child her favorite thing was a cd player.  Angel’s has a lot of experiences working with children from ages 6 to 18. Welcome to the team Angel!!


Justin Arroyo – Development Intern

School: University of Illinois at Chicago 

Major/Degree: Applied Psychology

Justin is a new intern who will join us in the fall of 2021.  He will be helping out Gary without events.  Justin is considering graduate school for his future.  He was born and raised in Chicago but is from Morelos, Mexico.  Justin has an older brother and sister.  A few of Justin’s hobbies include playing Playstation 4, spending time with his cat, Doom, watching Korean dramas or animes, and hanging out with family and friends.  His favorite experience with kids is watching the grow and learn to read and write.  He enjoys playing with kids and creating that bond with them, so they know they can come to him to play and if they need help.  A few of Justin’s favorite things include; the color black to wear and the colors red and green to see, kit kats or something sour.  He does not have a favorite movie but loves horror movies.  His favorite book is Alice in Wonderland.  He enjoys eating Sushi, pizza or chicken.  Justin’s favorite animals are butterflies.  As a child he enjoyed playing with Superhero Action Figures and legos. Justin would like the team to know that at first he is shy but once he gets comfortable he won’t stop talking.  Welcome to the team Justin!!

Dannae Cadenas – Development Intern

School: DePaul University  

Major/Degree: Public Relations and Advertising

Dannae is a new intern that will be joining us in the Fall of 2021.  She will be assisting Gary with events.  Dannae’s future goal is to be the Director of Communications and Public Relations at a non-profit organization.  Dannae is from a small town called Amboy in Illinois, and she has four sisters. Dannae enjoys hiking and spending time with her family. A Few of Dannae’s favorite memories from working with kids are watching them grow and seeing how they are like sponges and soak things up. She enjoys how kids are brutally honest.  Dannae’s favorite things include the color green, snickers or gummy bears, deep dish pizza, and Koala’s.  She likes Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and the book The Odyssey.  Her favorite toys as a kid were her Barbie Dreamhouse and Bratz dolls.  Welcome to the team Dannae!!

Noor Arja – Undergraduate Intern 

School: Loyola University 

Major/Degree: Cognitive and behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology

Noor is a new intern that will be joining us in the Fall of 2021.  She will be helping out in theTC Scholars Classroom.  Noor’s future career goals include attending a clinical psychology graduate program and becoming a clinical neuropsychologist, where she can participate in research. Noor is from Rochester Michigan and has one younger sister named Zaynah.  In her free time Noor enjoys going on walks/runs outside, getting coffee or food with friends, singing and listening to music, and cooking. A few of Noor’s favorite things include the color yellow, sour patch Watermelons, Mac n Cheese, and Monkeys.  Noor likes to watch the movie 50 first dates and the book The Baron in the Trees by Italo Calvino.  Her favorite experience with kids comes from a volunteer camp she did where the children put on a play/musical and get to see their progress and excitement after each day of camp.  Noor’s favorite toys as a kid were Barbies and Webkinz.  Welcome to the team Noor. 

Malia Dunlap – Undergraduate Intern 

School: Elmhurst University 

Major/Degree: Psychology and dance studies

Malia is a new intern that will be joining us in the Fall of 2021.  She will be helping out in the TC Scholars classroom and behavioral Interventionist room.  Malia’s future goal is to become a clinical psychologist.  Malia is from Chicago, Illinois and has five siblings. During her free time Maila enjoys dancing, writing and photography. Malia’s favorite experiences with children include creating a safe and friendly atmosphere for children and bonding with them. Going on field trips with them and doing small fun activities. A few of Malia’s favorite things include the color blue, Skittles, pizza, tacos, dogs and Guinea pigs.  Her favorite movie is Clueless and her favorite book is The lovely bones.  As a child she enjoyed playing with barbie’s and teddybears.  Welcome to the team Malia!!!

Briza Romero – Undergraduate Intern 

School: Depaul University 

Major/Degree: Psychology major and a double minor in Spanish Women and Gender Studies

Briza is a new intern that will be joining us in the Fall of 2021. She will be helping out in the behavioral classroom.  Briza’s goals are aiming to get an MSW and my licensure in order to become a therapist. Briza is from Berwyn Illinois and has three younger siblings. In her free time Briza enjoys playing the  guitar and keyboard and painting. I am usually always listening to music, too. A few of Briza’s favorite things include the color blue, pozole, airheads and bunnies.  Her favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and her favorite book is Beloved by Toni Morrison.  Briza’s favorite experience with kids is engaging in the fantasy worlds that children create! For the past few months, her and her 8-year-old cousin have been interacting with each other as if we are Witch-Vampire allies and have powers.  When Briza was a little kids she enjoyed playing with Winne the pooh.  Fun fact about Briza is that she is a leap year baby.  Welcome to the team Briza!!!

Julia Yaccarino – Graduate Social Work Intern

School: Loyola University

Major/Degree: Social work with a minor in Political Science

Julia is a new intern who will join us in the fall of 2021.  She will be helping out on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Julia’s future goals are to become a social worker specializing in children and families.  Julia is from Los Angeles California and has one younger brother.  A few of Julia’s favorite things include the color Blue, Peanut M&M’s, Otters, and she likes anything that has chocolate in it.  Her favorite movie is Forrest Gump, and favorite Fahrenheit 451. Her favorite memory working with kids is when she could not beat a 3rd grader, that she tutors in checkers.  She finally won once and it made the child very happy that she was able to beat him. Child? Julia’s favorite toys as a child are Webkinz, Bratz dolls, and snowglobes!  Welcome to the team Julia!!!!

Grace Justic – Undergraduate Intern 

School: DePaul University

Major/Degree: Psychology

 Grace is a new intern who will join us in the fall of 2021. She will be helping out in the TC Scholars classroom and Behavioral Intervention room on Saturdays.  Grace’s future plan is to graduate after undergrad, and to become a licensed clinical counselor.  Grace is from Frankfort Illinois and has a younger sister.  Grace enjoys singing, playing the bass and keyboard, and writing music.  Her favorite experience with kids when she was teaching vocal lessons, and watching them progress in their skills and abilities.  A few of Grace’s favorite things include the color green, Peanut Butter M&M’s, Tacos and Elephants.  Her favorite movie is Uncut Gems, and her favorite book is Ninth House.  As a child Grace enjoyed playing with stuffed animals, barbies, bratz dolls and pet shops.  Welcome to the team Grace!!


Maya Trinka – Graduate Social Work Intern 

School: Crown School of Social work, Policy and Practice

Major/Degree: Social Work

 Maya is a new intern who will join us in the fall of 2021. She will be helping out in the Behavioral Intervention classroom.  Maya’s future goals are to be a school social worker.  She is from Oak Park Illinois and has three siblings.  Maya’s favorite experience working with children is at the Hephzibah CHildren’s Association for three years.  That is where she realized she loves working with children.  A few of Maya’s favorite things include the color blue, reese’s, Ice cream and elephants.  Her favorite movie is The Dark Knight, and her favorite book is Educated.  When Maya was younger she enjoyed playing with Polly pockets and legos.  Maya would like the staff to know that this will be her first time working with kids under six years.  Welcome to the team Maya!!!!

Rosie Hankes – Graduate Social Work Intern 

School: University of Chicago. Crown School of Social work 

Major/Degree: Clinical social work especially in school social work

 Rosie is a new intern who will join us in the fall of 2021. They will be helping out in the TC Scholars classroom.  Rosie is from Skokie Illinois and has one younger sister.  Rosie’s future plans are to be a middle/high school social worker, possibly private practice.  Rosie enjoys reading, crocheting/embroidery and hanging with friends.  A few of Rosie’s favorite things include the color green, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Sushi, and Otters. She likes the book All about Love by Bell Hooks and the movie Knives Out.  One of Rosie’s favorite memories with kids is when she was a camp counselor at a nature center. She loves being able to teach the kids about the importance of caring for the earth through experiential learning.  They named the bugs all Bob.  When she was little she played with Littlest Pet Shop, Webkinz, and her teddy bear Teddy.  She is excited to learn from Tuesday’s Child.  Welcome to the team Rosie!