Tuesday’s Child Outreach Services provide programming to both parents and professionals. Our services can be customized to meet the needs of your school or center. Our experienced staff can speak on a variety of topics to help develop behavioral parenting skills and teaching techniques.

Parent Support
Tuesday’s Child can directly support parents at your facility. Programs range from one-week to four-week behavioral training workshops. Fees vary from $50 to $100 per family, and we have a six family minimum. We can invoice you or directly bill participating families. Contact us at (773) 573-6936 to learn more.

Parenting with Confidence Workshop

Professional Development

If you work with challenging children, we can train you and your staff in strategies to help manage challenging children’s behavior. Our goal is to help you deliver instruction, care or services more effectively.

Topics can include:

  • What is Behavioral Intervention and how it can help your clients
  • How to integrate the challenging child into the classroom
  • How to develop and implement practical Behavioral Goal Plans

Professional Education programs cost $150/hour per professional but may be covered by one of our foundation partners.

Please call our office to speak with someone today: (773) 573-6936.

Tuesday’s Child may also provide increased support for your center with dual-parent support and professional development. This unique combination can help implement practical classroom intervention with at-home support to increase impact for parents and professionals.

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