Behavioral Intervention Support for Alumni Children

If your child has completed our Behavioral Intervention program, you’ve seen a lot of progress. But the job may not be complete. Is there room for more improvement? Are you worried your child is starting to move backward? If so, enroll your child in our Classroom Intervention program. It’s like a booster shot for behavioral management.

This “refresher” program welcomes our alumni children back into our classrooms for behaviorally focused play activities. Our expert instructors give each child the social, emotional and behavioral support he or she needs to get back on track.

Alumni Success Story
“His behavior has improved both at school and at home. Tuesday’s Child was there for us. They were easily accessible, always there for our questions.  The class facilitators were knowledgeable.”
– Wendy Williams, Read their Success Story

Continued Support
While accessing Classroom Intervention, children learn to:

  • interact appropriately with others.
  • cope with a variety of situations.
  • recognize limits and follow directions.
  • comply with daily routines.

Please call our office  for more information at (773) 573-6936.

If you haven’t accessed our services previously, we recommend families first complete our Behavioral Intervention program.