Tuesday’s Child provides IEP support to parents of children in private or public school who need additional special education or 504 behavioral support through their school.  We can help you navigate the IEP process and show you how to be an effective advocate for your child. In our role as Chicago’s child behavior experts, we can provide informed and documented assistance to both parents and the school. We help all parties work together to determine your child’s strengths and challenges, to develop an approved IEP and to track IEP implementation and results.

Alumni Success Story

Williams Family
“His teachers didn’t understand what was going on with Kenny. Tuesday’s Child helped us communicate. He was attending an excellent school, but sometimes even the best schools need assistance. Tuesday’s Child can help no matter which school your child attends. They advocate for the child and the family.”
-Wendy Williams, Read Their Success Story

Education and Advocacy
Parents utilizing IEP Support Services will:

  • Increase their knowledge and comfort level to advocate for their children regarding the special education (IEP) process
  • Have knowledgeable professionals working on behalf of their children
  • Receive guidance throughout the IEP Process

Availability and Pricing
Tuesday’s Child professionals work diligently to be available for IEP Support Services based on the times your family needs support and when schools schedule meetings. We offer flexibility to meet your needs.

The first step is an Advocacy Consultation with our Executive Director,  Dr. Beverly A. Echols

IEP/School Advocacy Consultation : $25 for 30 minute appointment

Following this consultation, Dr. Echols can be available to attend and participate in your child’s IEP process. Advocacy services cost $175 per meeting.

For questions regarding IEP Support Services at Tuesday’s Child, please call Dr. Beverly A. Echols at (773) 573-6936. Services are offered only to families that have completed our Behavioral Intervention program.