Behavioral Intervention: a lifeline for you and your family

Is your relationship with your child a source of stress, conflict and frustration? Do you feel like everything is a battle? Are you anxious about your child’s behavior at home, school and in public? Do you feel you’re failing as a parent? Is your tense relationship with your child affecting your family’s dynamic?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, and your child is age six or younger, you have definitely come to the right place.

We’re Tuesday’s Child — Chicago’s child behavior experts. We’ve been helping parents modify their child’s behavior in positive, healthy ways for more than 30 years. Our 12-week Behavioral Intervention program has been able to transform hundreds of families struggling with behavioral issues.

Our approach differs from other programs in three ways:

  • Proven effectiveness — more than 4,500 families have completed our program and over 95% expressed satisfaction. In fact, children we once helped are now coming back to us for help with their own children.
  • Dual services — we address your child’s behavior issues from two angles. First, we equip you with strategies you can use to manage your child’s behavior. Second, experts introduce these strategies to your child in a behavioral classroom.
  • Parent mentors — we pair you with a peer mentor who has completed the program with his or her own child. So you’re receiving guidance from someone who was once in your shoes and can help you succeed.

It’s important to know that our Behavioral Intervention program is not “off-the- shelf.” We apply our more than 30 years of expertise to personalize a goal plan for you and your child based on your family’s unique situation.

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How it works
Our Behavioral Intervention program is a personalized, 12-week journey from frustration and conflict to confidence and trust for you and your challenging child. We address your child’s behavior issues from two angles. Our behavior experts and peer mentors will equip you with strategies that can help you regain parental control and build a positive, trusting bond with your child. While you learn these strategies, our experts will use the same techniques to work with your child in our behavioral classrooms. After 12 weeks, you will have the skills to manage your child’s challenging behavior and to coach your child toward success at home and in school.

What you have to do
As a parent, you’ll be at our center once a week for approximately 2.5 hours. The first 1.5 hours you’ll work one-on-one with your peer mentor to understand and apply proven behavior modification techniques. Because your mentor has completed the program with his or her child and received comprehensive peer-to-peer counseling training, he or she is an invaluable teacher, coach and cheerleader.

During the final hour you’ll take part in a group discussion led by a Clinical Psychologist and parenting expert.

You can also expect “homework” assignments, such as applying techniques at home, monitoring your child’s progress and reading educational material related to your child’s needs.

In addition, you’ll have a minimum of two meetings with your child’s lead teacher and a Psychologist to discuss your child’s progress, and any recommendations or referrals.

What your child has to do
While you’re learning new skills, your child will join other students in our classrooms, a fun, play-based environment where the focus is on behavior. Our trained classroom staff will work with your child to introduce and apply the same positive techniques you’re learning. Instruction will focus on concentration (time on task), complying with requests or commands, socializing, and participating with other children in large and small groups.

Referring to your child’s personalized goal plan, staff will track your child’s progress with a checklist and our Clinical Psychologist will observe your child’s classroom behavior.

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