As parents, we are overwhelmed with options for summer activities.  In the parent magazines, on the Internet, and on television we see ads for beaches, waterparks, museums, and other play places. We also see opportunities for mini- or full blown vacations in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Dells, Indiana Dunes, etc.  But what is your child has a hard time participating in these types of activities?  Or, what if a simple trip to the local park often ends in disaster? This can make the summertime options daunting. 
Summer is the time of year that its easiest for “forget” some of the positive parenting concepts taught at Tuesday’s Child. One of the most important of those is predictability, that children often do best when things are predictable, and they know (in advance) what’s on the schedule. So, if mom or dad suggests and impromptu trip to the beach on a hot day, their kids may not rush to put on those bathing suits.  
Some of the basic concept taught at Tuesday’s Child can be used to take the “dread” out of summer and make it possible to successfully do all those activities we see in the magazines.
Antecedent Planning is the most important concept to deal with the unpredictability of summer. Plan summer activities with your child’s challenges in mind.  It might be that taking an extra snack, or planning a shorter trip, or walking instead of driving is all it takes for success at the beach. It’s also a good idea that your child know “the plan” in advance. So, set a schedule for the week, post it on a calendar the kids can see, and tell them each night about the next day’s plan.
Of course, using reinforcers, goal plans, and, of course, praise will go a long way towards having trouble-free outings.
Tuesday’s Child tips for Summer Activities