Estela came to Chicago from Mexico, where she was a Kindergarten teacher, over 11 years ago with her 13 year old daughter, Shantal, and 6 year old son, Sergio. Her son had fine motor delays and exhibited troublesome behaviors at home. A close friend referred her to Tuesday’s Child and many things began to change for the better. Estela started to reinforce good behavior, and do floor time with Sergio. She also set very clear rules for the home.

As Sergio’s behavior improved, and things became more peaceful at home, Estela realized she had found a new home at Tuesday’s Child. She didn’t know many people in Chicago, and made many new friends. Each week, she looked forward to coming for parent training. She trained for 2 years, and continued as a trainer. Tuesday’s Child provided a support system while she had evaluations for Sergio and got an IEP put in place.

Today, Sergio is 17 years old. He’s in high school and doing great. Estela is still giving back to Tuesday’s Child by training other families every week.


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Estela & Family