“I began to attend Tuesday Child, because I was a mother in need of help. My son had certain issues I noticed that they had to be addressed, but I didn’t know how specifically. Everywhere we went my son was labeled as “bad” and that would frustrate and make me cry because I didn’t understand why he would act that way. Family, friends and some park district staff members would say he had a lot of behavior issues. My son was not really sociable, nor did he talk. His method of communicating was by being aggressive and always hitting. I brought this to his pediatrician’s attention and she said he showed signs of a child with autism. From a pile of papers I came across Tuesday child flyer and mentioned it to a social worker – from that day I was ‘Saved’! I began to understand that my child was different, that he had needs that had to be addressed differently. Tuesday Child gave me the knowledge and extra love to help my son. The staff all helped my son progress and especially helped me be an even better mom through positive reinforcers, visual aids and ignoring the behavior not the child. My son has improved dramatically. He is more sociable, can express himself and his hands are kept to himself. Once in a while he has to be reminded because of his impulses but other than that he is a happier child now. In the end, after testes were done, it turns out my son does not have autism but rather A.D.H.D. It is not as severe but it’s a disorder that has to be addressed differently and with Tuesday Child I can continue to get the knowledge and help to keep him happy.”

– Yesenia


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Yesenia & Her Family