“I don’t quite know how to put in words how to describe what Tuesday’s Child has done for our family. But I will try.

Owen had a hate/hate relationship with food, and very limited allowable foods. He simply was not getting enough energy to function, which was leading to his “meltdown” behaviors. Getting food in his body has been our biggest challenge.

I am happy to report, Owen is now a member of the clean plate club. Actually, just 2 nights ago he was eating so fast, he was shoving his food in his mouth. Not just food, but NEW food. Healthy, whole grain food!

To sum it up, I am thankful for Tuesday’s Child. I truly feel like our family is on a path to success. The whole family has benefited from the program, and moving forward we can navigate the good and the bad together.

I can’t help but think about the invaluable service Tuesday’s Child has done our family. With all the changes and stress we are going though, I can’t imagine what it would be like to tackle this life change without the tools we gained at Tuesday’s Child.“



Liz  and Owen completed our Behavioral Intervention program.
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Liz & Owen