Guided by her pediatrician, Mojdeh came to Tuesday’s Child with her 2 1/2 year old son, Seena, who seemed slow to talk and had concerning behaviors. The staff at Tuesday’s Child thought Seena may have autism.

Mojdeh vividly remembers the lead teacher talking her through the next steps for evaluation and services. “They explained all the terms and lingo in such a non-invasive way, I was no longer afraid” she says. At the same time, she participated in parent training and worked hard at home to incorporate all the recommendations Tuesday’s Child made. She remembers that it was not easy. In fact, sometimes it was very stressful, but as she persevered, she regained control in the house and felt empowered to be the best parent and advocate she possibly could.

Seena continues to receive the services he needs and the support of his most powerful champion, his mom. Mojdeh went on to obtain a Masters in Early Education and a PhD. She is now teaching others in the same field. Mojdeh believes in Tuesday’s Child because of the program’s ability to transform the entire family.


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Mojdeh and Seena