Shortly after Victoria Lavigne, PhD, and Kate Augustyn started Tuesday’s Child to help families who had conflict-ridden relationships with their young children, Jill Minetz and her daughter Lara came seeking support. Today, Jill will tell you that she truly believes every parent should go through a program at Tuesday’s Child. Why? Because during the months she spent as a program participant – back in 1982 – and the years she spent volunteering, she has seen countless families who enter the doors of Tuesday Child feeling hopeless and leave with a plan and the confidence to have a positive relationship with their spirited children.

Jill came for help with Lara shortly after Anya, Lara’s younger sister, was born. When mom had to share her attention with both girls, Lara became increasingly difficult, to the point where she didn’t comply with anything. Jill was very frustrated with Lara’s behaviors, but even more frustrated with her own reactions – yelling and threatening. At Tuesday’s Child, Jill found ways to manage her own actions and reactions so that Lara responded positively. Over time, their relationship improved, their home returned to its peaceful state. Jill brought all three of her children to Tuesday’s Child, and the family thrived. As an adult Lara, now 33 years old, is just as busy as she was as a toddler. She has a Masters in Actuarial Science and keeps busy with work and her new husband.


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The Minetz Family